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    View at Happy family with newborn baby by the window 17% Disc. $105$87

    Bringing Home Baby

    What You’ll Learn: What to Expect immediately after birth Understanding your newborn Bathing, Diapering, Swaddling, Feeding options What to do

    21% Disc. $95$75

    Online Baby Sleep Program

    What You’ll Learn: The science behind sleep The barriers to healthy sleep Nursery optimization Sleep schedule and routines Sleep education

    32% Disc. $230$157

    The Bladder Blueprint

    What You’ll Learn: How to fix your own bladder Proven strategies to fix urinary leakage, urgency, frequency, and nighttime urination

    10% Disc. $50$45

    Coming off Birth Control

    What You’ll Learn: Body literacy 101 How to come off hormonal birth control in a healthy way Must-Do strategies to

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    Preparing for your hospital birth

    What You’ll Learn: Informed decision making Hospital protocols How to navigate and create a positive birth experience Course Description: Understand


    Intro to Childbirth

    What You’ll Learn: The stages of labor Labor warm ups vs. real labor  What to expect at the hospital or