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Christine Brown

* Certified Child Sleep Consultant
* Founder of Bella Luna Family - parent consulting company
* Christine and her team helped over 1,000 families
* Child behavior coach
* Certified lactation counselor

Christine is the founder and lead child sleep consultant at Bella Luna Family.

In early 2016, Christine graduated from the Family Sleep Institute, an evidence-based certification training program, where she gained the knowledge and hands-on experience to help infants, children and families to create healthy sleep habits. She specializes in helping families with multiples, babies, toddlers, preschoolers and big kids. From her personal experience as a Mom and her vast experience working with families one-on-one, Transform Your Baby's Sleep was created so she could help more exhausted families get the sleep they need to be happy, healthy and well-rested.

In addition to the online course, Christine and her team offer sleep coaching to families individually, teach group sleep classes in person and online and speak about creating healthy sleep habits at parent-centered events.

The business originated from a personal necessity, with Christine cherishing her role as "Mom" to her twin boys. She and her husband endured months of sleepless nights, inconsistent naps, and confusion due to the lack of sleep advice available. Despite searching for a local sleep consultant, they were unable to find one. Eventually, they found a solution that worked, but not without experiencing difficulties, failed attempts at sleep training, extensive online research, and frequent doubts about their choices.

Through the exhaustion and uncertainty surrounding their family's sleep, Bella Luna Family was born. Christine became passionate about assisting families in navigating the conflicting information to establish healthy sleep routines for their children. This passion led to a career change, resulting in her certification as a child sleep consultant.

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