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16 Of The Earliest And Most Bizarre Pregnancy Symptoms

Finding out you’re pregnant isn’t always the same as it’s portrayed on TV. When a female character suddenly gets scared that she missed her period, so she takes a pregnancy test and acts completely shocked that she is suddenly pregnant. This is simply not always what happens in reality. A lot of the time, you will have women taking pregnancy tests and finding out they are pregnant, even before they realize they missed their period, saying ‘I knew it!’ or ‘I had a feeling I was pregnant!’

These feelings aren’t some supernatural powers that pregnant women have. They’re pretty much down to the very strange, yet noticeable early pregnancy symptoms that take place in a woman’s body right after the egg has been fertilized.

So, we went through the list and chose 16 of the absolute most bizarre symptoms of early pregnancy. These symptoms themselves don’t confirm if you’re pregnant. However, if you experience some of them, it may be a sign for you to get a pregnancy test to find out if your instincts are telling you something important.

16 Of The Earliest, And Most Bizarre Pregnancy Symptoms

Buckle up because pregnancy can get weird! Luckily our experts have seen it all.

1. Swift, And Sudden (Unexplained) Change In Libido

More often than not, a pregnant woman may notice an instant change in their sex drive. This is primarily down to hormonal changes but is something that may be a very early sign of pregnancy. Your sexual desire may increase drastically, or it may also decrease as well. Some women also remark having no instant change until their first trimester.

It’s impossible to guess whether you will see an increase, decrease, or no change in your sex drive, as what happens for one woman certainly doesn’t happen for the next in this area. But if you suddenly get some very strong urges, or you become as shy as a mouse and your partner can’t be further enough away from you, this may be an early indicator that you’re pregnant.

2. Have You Ever Tasted Metal In Your Mouth? If You Do, It Might Be A Sign

You’ve probably heard of a pregnant woman having weird food cravings, but have you heard of having metallic tastes in the mouth? This metallic taste has a name, dysgeusia, and is also due to pregnancy hormones, which cause you to have this metallic taste in your mouth. Sometimes, this can happen even if you aren’t eating anything. Many women report this symptom, and it can be a good indicator of an early sign of pregnancy.

3. Crazy Vivid And Realistic Dreams

Having vivid or strange dreams can be a sign of pregnancy. Pregnancy dreams can be very different from your regular dreams, and your mind can work up some totally weird, and even sexual dreams that can feel very real. These dreams are often reported to be so realistic that even the tiniest details are remembered the next morning. This is one of the earliest, yet perhaps nicest signs that you may be pregnant, and women often report looking forward to going to sleep during pregnancy because of their dreams.

So, if you suddenly have unusual, vivid, or sexual dreams that are out of the ordinary, this may be an early indicator of pregnancy.

4. You May Gag When Brushing Your Teeth (Or Looking At Your Toothbrush)

Be warned, your toothbrush can become your worst enemy during the early, and later trimesters of pregnancy. Brushing your teeth can lead to your gag reflex kicking in when you’re pregnant, and sometimes even the sight of a toothbrush can lead to your gag flex going into overdrive. This can be a very weird sensation for a pregnant woman, and it can also be an early sign of pregnancy.

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5. Is It Implantation Bleeding, Or Your Period?

Implantation bleeding may happen after the fertilized egg attaches to the lining of the uterus. This may happen around 7 to 14 days after conception and can lead to a slight amount of spotting or bleeding. If you notice this around the time of your expected period, or within 2 weeks of suspected ovulation, and your period doesn’t show up then it could be one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

6. Copious Amounts Of Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge during pregnancy has its own name, leucorrhea, and it’s super common in pregnancy from the very early days, caused by an increase in hormone levels. While this is an early sign of pregnancy, it can also carry on throughout the entire pregnancy. So say hello to panty liners, and keep them close!

Something to be aware of: healthy vaginal discharge is not yeasty or itchy, nor is it yellow or green or smelly. If you have any of these types of discharge, speak to your doctor.

7. Sudden (And Unexplained) Changes To Your Skin Complexion

A change in hormones also may mean a change in skin complexion. This can, fortunately, or unfortunately, go both ways. You can start glowing on day 1, or you can wake up with zits the size of a volcano on your face overnight.

Changes to your skin can vary from person to person, however, if you suddenly have a drastic change overnight from 0-100 then this might be an early indicator that you’re pregnant.

8. Your Cat Or Dog May Be More Loving, Protective, Or Attached To You

Cats and dogs, the most common household pets, have been known to suddenly act differently around someone who becomes pregnant, even before the person themself is aware of the pregnancy

Call it a 6th sense, or some strange intuition, but these animals may suddenly act more protective of you, or be more loving. They may suddenly just lie on your stomach and not move, or act completely out of the ordinary. Either way, if your pet acts suddenly very weird, or attaches itself to your stomach, perhaps you are pregnant.

9. Hypersalivation OR Dry Mouth

That’s right. These polar opposite extremities can be some clues that you’re pregnant. While both these symptoms are not the most common especially early on during pregnancy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t be that rare person who experiences a change in saliva volumes in your mouth. If you suddenly get massive amounts of saliva, or all your saliva disappears and your mouth becomes like a desert, this may be an early indicator that you’re pregnant.

10. Rollercoaster Hormones

If you suddenly wake up one day, and everything that your partner, dog, or even the weather does annoys you, then this is just another wonderful example of what pregnancy hormones can do to you. Your hormones throughout your pregnancy will be quite literally all over the place, and this will affect your temperament. You may suddenly find yourself incredibly short-tempered, extremely emotional, or with a very high libido. A rollercoaster of hormones is very common during early pregnancy.

11. Morning Sickness, Food Aversions & Cravings

Morning sickness is one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. This is when your body gets super nauseous, and you vomit. Often, this nausea and vomiting are triggered by certain smells, foods, or temperatures. But sometimes, it can simply just happen with no warning. Your once-loved favorite foods can suddenly make your stomach curdle, and the foods you once were disgusted by may now suddenly be all you can possibly think about eating.

Some women also have the sudden urge to eat things that aren’t food, such as ice, sponges, or dirt. This craving to eat non-food items is called pica and may be diagnosed if you constantly eat nonfood items for at least a month. It may be a sign that you have anemia, or that you aren’t getting adequate nutrient intake.

You should let your OB-GYN know if you think you have pica, so you can help yourself get the right nutrients that you and your baby need.

12. A Cough, Cold, Or Flu

Pregnancy lowers your immunity, meaning you’re more likely to get sick. Pregnant women often experience cold or flu-like symptoms early on in pregnancy, because of their lowered immunity. If you suddenly wake up feeling sick, and it’s coupled with other early pregnancy symptoms, then this may be an early sign of pregnancy.

13. The Need To Stay Close To A Toilet

Hormonal changes in pregnancy increase the blood flow to your kidneys, meaning your kidneys produce more urine after conception. This means you may need a toilet close by during pregnancy at all times. If you suddenly find the urge to urinate constantly throughout the day, this may mean you’re pregnant.

Frequent bathroom trips may also indicate a urinary or bladder infection, so ask your OB-GYN if you’re concerned about your frequent trips to the toilet.

14. On The Other Hand, You Simply Won’t Be Able To Go

Hormonal changes can lead to constipation, which may be an early sign of pregnancy. As you get pregnant, your digestive system slows down to give the nutrients just enough extra time to absorb into your bloodstream to reach the baby.

This is due to the hormone progesterone slowing down your bowels. So, while you think you desperately need to go to the toilet, you may find yourself simply unable to go. Adding more fiber to your diet, drinking plenty of fluids, and exercising regularly can help with constipation during pregnancy.

15. Keep Your Pyjamas And Bed Close, You’ll Get Tired

Sleepiness and being exhausted are some of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. Make sure to get that extra nap wherever you can, and don’t overdo it especially in the early days. After all, you have around 9 months to get through so pacing yourself and taking care of yourself from the beginning is important. Being aware if your body suddenly requires an extremely large amount of sleep, more than usual, can be an indicator that you’re pregnant.

16. A Swift Change In Breasts

One of the earliest indicators that you’re pregnant may be breast pain and breast sensitivity. While you may be familiar with sore breasts around your period, there is a difference with sore breasts during pregnancy. The main difference being, that your breasts will be the most sensitive you’ve ever felt and you won’t want anything, or anyone touching them. This may occur as early as one week after conception.

Your breasts may also feel heavy, fuller, or even itchy. The veins may become more pronounced, your nipples may become sensitive and your areolas (the darker areas of the breast surrounding the nipple) may suddenly appear enlarged and darker.

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So, there you have it.

16 of the earliest and most bizarre pregnancy symptoms that may come your way during the first weeks of pregnancy. Most of these symptoms may carry on throughout the entire pregnancy, others may only appear once or twice and then be replaced by a completely new one as the weeks and months go on.

If you have any of these bizarre symptoms and there is a possibility that you may be pregnant, it may be a good time to take a pregnancy test. If you’re concerned by any of the symptoms that appear, speak to your doctor or your OB-GYN, they are there to help you with anything you need.

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If you have any burning questions about pregnancy, check out our Pregnancy & Childbirth course category which is dedicated this topic.

We are all women, and we have all been through some crazy times in our lives and with our bodies. So getting professional, reliable information from a certified expert may be all you need to reassure yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Most Common Early Pregnancy Symptom?

There are a lot of common early pregnancy symptoms. These include having implantation bleeding, vaginal discharge, a metallic taste in your mouth, and rollercoaster hormones.

2. Are Vivid And Realistic Dreams A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Yes, having vivid or strange dreams can be a sign of pregnancy. Pregnancy dreams can be very different from your regular dreams, and your mind can work up some totally weird, and even sexual dreams that can feel very real.

3. What Are Some Of The Strangest Early Pregnancy Symptoms?

Getting tired, a change in your breasts, needing to go to the toilet often, being constipated, morning sickness, food aversion, and cravings.