Coming off Birth Control


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Making the move to come off birth control can feel unsettling and daunting, with lack of education and support available in our medical system. If you’re on the contraceptive pill, injection, have an IUD, Mirena coil, or any other device, this master class is for you. We all know that the hormones in your birth control interfere with your menstrual cycle and come with nasty side effects! You know when it’s time to say no more – you’re ready to come off birth control and you don’t know where to get this information or who to trust. I’m here to support you, I‘ve prepared the answers to your questions in this 90min masterclass, so you can feel prepared and supported in your transition.

Who Is This Course For?

If you’re on hormonal birth control (the contraceptive pill, injection, have an IUD, Mirena coil, Implant, or any other device) and want to come off in order to return to your natural cycle, this class is for you. If you already came of hormonal birth control, but your period still hasn’t returned, this class will be useful for you too.

*This course contains videos and additional downloadable resources.